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Illustration Research  Syllabus
ILL 363  section 1 and section 2

Instructor contact information/ office hours
Assoc. Professor Yvonne Buchanan
Office phone: 315-443-4613(Leave message w/ Sandy Puro)
Office hours: Wednesday 10:30-12:30pm
Office: room 361 Shaffer Art Building

Basic course information:
Credits: 3
Classroom 307 Shaffer Art Building
Section 1    Monday  8:30-12:30
Section 2    Monday  1:30-6pm
Dates: Jan.13 – May 5, 2014

Prerequisites: ILL 261, 262, 283, 284
(or by special permission of the professor)

Course description:

An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.
-Edwin Land

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time
-Thomas Merton

I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings
- Margaret Mead

Students, through both in class exercises and homework assignments, will continue to develop individual techniques and styles, as well as engage in experimental approaches and concepts to editorial illustration and reportage. This course will offer opportunities of exploration with both approaches and materials, traditional and digital, and assist the artist/student to broaden their experiences in editorial illustration.

Some of the techniques explored will be pen and ink drawing, watercolor, and digital coloring techniques with Photoshop. We will create work that is ready for print as well as the web.

The philosophy of the professor is a balanced mixture of market awareness and the importance of defining one self and one’s artwork.

Artwork produced in this class will be judged on four points.

1). Is it interesting? Does it compel the viewer to look longer than three seconds?
2). Is it conceptually strong?  Is it readable and understandable and fresh?
3). Is there a high level of craft? Is it executed well, is the work an example of your mastery of your chosen materials.
4). Have you taken a chance with a new technique, style or approach.
Taking a chance is good.

*Additional:  meeting deadlines for an illustrator is important and time management will be emphasized. Being late with required work, or supplies will affect your grade.

Grade breakdown
Say Yes to Education Assignment:  20%
New Yorker Cover Assignment:  20%
Real/Unreal Assignment:   20%
Biography Assignment:   20% 
Attendance /class participation:  20%

Materials List:
This is an upper level class and as such will not require artwork done in a particular
Medium or approach.

You must have a sketchbook for sketches and.

You should have Photoshop on your computer or soon will have.

You should have a website or blog or the beginnings of one.

Bus trip to MOCCA:
This is a required trip for all seniors taking the class.

Absences and lateness:
Excessive absences are not acceptable. You impact the class, your work and, your opinions are important. More than three unexplained absences will result in a failing grade. Lateness is also disruptive. Make sure your alarm clock is working and you arrive on time. The university now has a policy that you need to have a note from the Health Center Doctor or nurse, not a note that you went there. I will also accept a note from your family doctor.

It is the students’ responsibility to let the professor know if there is any special need required for successful completion of course.

Academic integrity
All work that you produce should be created by you alone unless other wise directed. Work created for assignments in this class cannot be presented as a class assignment in any other class unless you have informed both me and the other professor(s) in advance. I will not accept the work if I learn otherwise.

Junior level students will show work from all Illustration classes as well work produced in Studio Arts classes on May 6th

Survey is mandatory for all Illustration majors

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